Bigibogi Ornamental Wonderland

Hi Guys, some of my works and a few words about me featured on THEmag. I would like to thank Judit for the kind words ! Have a nice! :)

'To tell you the truth, Bigibogi, aka Bogi Nádi is one of my favourite artists. I first saw her ornamental style, when she designed a stamp collection for the Hungarian Post. Hungary is well-known for it’s traditional, beautiful, ornamental embroidery styles. In the past decade folk art became very popular world wide amongst young designers, despite the fact that it requires a lot of creativity, hard work and research to make something new out of it. Some people find it enough to print or embroider the old patterns on modern materials from jeans to iPhone cases, but it’s not really design, nor very creative. Personally this was the first thing I loved about Bigibogis’ works, that she can make something new. Anyone can tell, that they were based on folk art, but it’s fresh and one of a kind. She often uses folk tale themes, traditional flowers and insanely detailed ornamental patterns. Bigibogi’s work are modern, clean and sophisticated. Although she is very young, graduating this year, she has already challenged her skills in different fields of graphic design, from wedding invitations to building mapping. In my opinion she is a unique artist and it’s worth to follow her works.'

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